PUPPY gundog training CLASSES

Puppy Gundog training classes

Our Classes for beginners

Puppy Gundog training for beginners is a brilliant puppy class for Gundog breeds and crossbreeds. Yes, your Cockapoo or your Labradoodle is part Gundog, and he/she could benefit massively from Gundog training classes!

Our Puppy Gundog classes teach your puppy in a way that harnesses their natural instincts, making training fun, rewarding and very effective.

Puppy Gundog classes are the perfect start to your puppy training. Your puppy will learn all the vital skills covered in our puppy life skills classes while also working on their natural desires to hunt and retrieve.

Starting Gundog training early means you can avoid running into trouble as your puppy grows in confidence. When you put strong foundations in place, you prevent your puppy from practising mischievous behaviours, meaning you’ll have a little more control of your lively little one!

Our six-week Gundog training classes teach:


Place Boards

Coaching your puppy to go to a specific place on cue. This foundation allows training to progress to stay, stop and directional cues


Puppy Retrieve

teaching your puppy to retrieve and drop items



An incredibly useful skill in both Gundog training and life!


Whistle Cues

Your puppy will begin learning to perform cues on the sound of a whistle so you can work at a distance


Hunting games

To satisfy your dog’s natural desire to hunt in a safe and controlled manner


Scent Games

To put your puppy’s nose to work and tire him/her mentally


Impulse Control Exercises

So your puppy can control the desire to chase, hunt or follow a scent when not appropriate


How to Settle

So your puppy can relax and learn to find their ‘off switch’ (phew)

small group classes ☆ positive reinforcement training ☆ fun & varied


How are puppy Gundog classes different to puppy lifeskills classes?

In our Puppy Gundog classes, I cover all the puppy essentials such as toilet training, crate training, and managing mouthing and biting. We combine this with beginner gundog training that taps into your puppy’s natural urges so that we can control and direct typical behaviours from the very beginning.

Your puppy can start our beginner gundog training class as soon as they’re fully vaccinated.

If you’re not sure whether puppy or adult gundog classes are appropriate for your dog’s age, please get in touch, and I can guide you towards the right decision for your dog.

Please contact me for more info.

How much do puppy Gundog training classes cost?

Our six-week puppy Gundog training class costs £130

Where are puppy classes held?

Our in-person puppy Gundog classes are taught at Huntersfield Farm, Banstead, Fairlawn Road SM7 3AU.

When is puppy Gundog training class?

We hold puppy classes on Wednesday evenings at 6.30 pm and Saturday mornings at 9.30 am.

Your six-week puppy Gundog class will be held on the same day and time each week, so please consider which time you can commit to for the course duration.  

Our service covers the following areas:

Banstead, Epsom, Ewell, Cheam, Woodmanstern, Coulsdon, Purley, Caterham, Chessington, Ewell & Kingswood

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I also offer one-to-one dog training, pet gundog training classes, and scentwork training. If you’re not sure which service is best for you, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat.